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Maybe crazy, maybe just overly motivated, but we decided to tackle a hike in Zermatt from Basel! For those familiar with the Toblerone chocolate, you’ll quickly recognize that the Matterhorn in the picture above is also illustrated on the packaging 🙂


Chocolate with the Matterhorn (the bear is a plus :P)


Day ticket from Coop! It’s a super deal for traveling in Switzerland.

We had seen on Facebook that Coop (Swiss supermarket) was selling day tickets for 49 Swiss francs! Now if you’ve been or if you live in or close to Switzerland, you know how great of a deal this is. Even better if you do not have a Halb-tax card (a cards that gives you great discounts)! With this card you can go pretty much anywhere with the SBB train, but the card is only valid for one day.

So we decided to go to Zermatt, this beautiful city where you have the Matterhorn! In 2013, I was there for a few days and it made such an impression on me that made me think I’d be back someday. Well, three years later I did!


The little red train we took in Visp to go to Zermatt

We woke up at 5:00 am to take the train at 6:30 am direction Zermatt with a change of trains in Visp. We got to our destination at around 9:30 and directly bought some food for the hike. So for the hike we had, coffee, a 1,5 liter water bottle, two apples, two bananas, carrot sticks and two salami sandwiches (the last we bought at the Bretzel König at the train station).


The train station in Zermatt



This is where you buy the tickets to go up to Blauherd


Inside the station waiting for the funicular to Blauherd


Then we quickly walked to the station to go to Blauherd, where we were able to get discounted tickets (thanks to the day pass tickets from Coop, but you can check the prices here). Now, we did that because we chose to do the 5-Lake hike, which starts in Blauherd and makes you hike through 5 beautiful lakes before arriving at the Sunnega station where you take a small funicular style train back to Zermatt.


Cable car view of the Matterhorn

So from Zermatt you take the funicular to Sunnega (which is where you’ll come back to at the end of your hike), after this you take the cable car to Blauherd where you’ll find yellow panels showing all the possible hikes you can do. As mentioned we chose the 5-lake one in the following order:

Blauherd – Stellisee – Grindjisee – Grünsee – Moosjiesee – Leisee – Sunnegga

They say on the website, that it takes around 2:50 minutes. But I guess they do not take in account stopping for photos, to eat or take a few breaths from certain hike passages that are a bit harder.


Yellow panels showing all the different paths you can take from Blauherd


First lake, Stellisee


Break for a quick lunch at Stellisee

In total it took us 3 hours and a half, and this was taking time to eat our Sandwiches while admiring the Matterhorn from the bench in front of the Stellisee. We also took breaks to rest and we lost some time because we got a bit confused with all the paths.

At Stellisee, if the water is calm you can see the reflection of the Matterhorn. Unfortunately, when we were there it there was some wind 😦 still beautiful though!

Grindjisee, is a very small lake that you see after to descend from the first lake.


On the way to the second lake, Grindjisee




On the way to Grünsee

On the path to Grünsee there’s a little river with whitish water. Now it looks small and calm, do not go down to take photos by it! Because the water can mount super quickly and take you away! In fact they have panels saying this as well as people walking around and warning tourists about it.

Now on Grünsee, you are also supposed to see the reflection of the mountains! In 2013, when I was able to see it and it was breathtaking. This year, however, we didn’t get to see it. This lake is also one of the two (the other one being Leisee) where you can swim.


Grünsee in 2013 🙂


Grünsee, 2016. This time no reflection on the water


The fourth lake is called Moosjiesee. By the time we reached this lake we were already getting tired. We got even more tired when we saw the climb we had to do to get to the fifth and last lake 😛 But we made it, with lots of pauses of course 😛




On our way to the fifth lake!




People swimming at the Leisee

Getting to the fifth lake was more demanding that the others because we had to go up hill. When we got there we took a nice break to rest our tired feet and admire the view as well as try out the little wooden floater to cross the river (note to yourself, this floater does not fit three adults! we almost fell into the water as we were crossing).

After to had energy back we took the small lift to the Sunnega station and from there we took the funicular back to Zermatt. On your back back do not forget to stamp your passport  as a memory keepsake.



Overall, we had great weather+ Especially because many people who go to Zermatt do not get to see the Matterhorn, which you may say „What? how can you not see this huge mountain in front of you“ and to that I answer „weather“. Sometimes the Matterhorn gets covered by clouds which would be totally disappointing but it might happen! The two times I was there, I was very lucky and got to see its full beauty!

After the hike we checked out the city, bought some food for the way back in the train and chilled with some beers at a restaurant until it was time to take the train back. We were back in Basel a 21:30 pretty much exhausted and in need for a good shower and a good night sleep.




View over the river



The temperature of water is shown in these blue little panels along the river

This is more of a off to swim post 😛

One of the top summer activities in Basel, in my opinion, is to swim in the river. If you are visiting Basel during the summer make sure you try it!

Throughout the city you’ll find these weird fish-looking bags displayed on outdoors, they are called wickelfisch. They are great because you can put your clothes, cellphones, keys, anything you have on you in it and all you need to do is to fold the opening closed (around 7 times) and the bag will inflate with the air trapped inside. In the end you’ll have a great bag to put your stuff in and at the same time a buoy to float down the river.


The magical wickelfisch bag


A lot of people bike until the river entrance by the Tinguely museum



…Laugenbruck, Switzerland

Quick sunday update! The last few weeks in Basel (Switzerland) have been quite rainy, so today as soon as we woke up we checked the weather to our happiness it said no rain!! Cloudy but no rain!. So we took advantage of it and did a half day trip to Laugenbruck in Basel-stadt (Switzerland).

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the amount of guest houses. Laugenbruck seems like a popular place for skiing 🙂 Luckily during summer they have this big metal slide called Solarbob! You pay 4,50 CHF for one ticket (the more you buy the less expensive it is), then you receive a quick instruction on how to use the slider, which is super simple. You push the stick down for speed and up (towards you) to stop; you can control how fast you want to go with it 🙂

Super recommend it! Kids can also go but if too young they need to accompanied. Also they have Accrobranch, we didn’t try it (yet) but seemed super fun!

Here’s the link for those you want to give it a try: http://www.deinkick.ch



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