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in Nürnburg, Germany


Nürnburg was the first city we stopped at going back from Prague. If you’re in Prague, there are day tours that visit this german city as it is not that far.

You can zig-zag from bridge to bridge and then go to the Hauptmarkt to grab some food and then go see St. Sebaldus Church. If you are up for it clip up to see the  Kaiserburg Imperial Castle.



Kaiserburg Imperial Castle


St. Lawrence’s church


Road trip to Île de Ré count down


As we are approaching our one week beach / island vacation in Île de Ré (France) a lot of preparation will take place. We decided to go by car as changing trains in Paris with two 6 year-old girls might be challenging. We’ll have a good 8 hour trip—more likely 10 hours counting pee breaks and eating, so too avoid listening to two little girls asking us „Are we there yet?“, „I am bored“ every 30 seconds we prepared a car-kit for them that will hopefully keep them busy and entertained, they include:

—portable DVD with a few movies + headphones
—digital games
—small snacks (petit-prince cookies, small bottle of water, carrot sticks, chips, grapes, cherry tomatoes, muffins, lollipops and cheese sticks)

For the adults we’ll have:
—coffee / tea thermo
—fruits, chips

In case they get bored of watching the DVD or coloring or eating, which I am sure they will, we have a couple of games on our mind which we could all play:
—ni oui, ni non (French game where you cannot answer questions by saying „yes“ or „no“
—I spy with my little eye (one of the players see something out the window and the other have to guess what, for example: I spy with my little eye something red!“ then anything red the others can see out the window becomes a potential answer)
—Inventing songs (the kids played this before and you can see how creative they get, my husband will give them a subject or a word and they have to create a song with it, rhythm and all)
—Learning a new word in another language (My husband is French and I am Brazilian, we communicate used to communicate in english but after I started learning French we switched, but every now and then we speak in English which gets the kids puzzled. So sometimes we ask them which words they’d like to know and in which language, those being Portuguese or English. This can go on how a good 30 minutes!

These are just some, but there are some many tips out there that we’ll probably try and see how long it will last 😛