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Biel / Bienne, Switzerland


Last sunday, we decided to hike in Biel / Bienne. This hike is called “Chemin des Vignes” (in english, “Vineyard Lane”) which you can find here. They say the hike is quite simple and accessible with a wheel chair. However, if you took the same directions we did, you’ll notice that before getting to this specific hiking trails, you’ll need to hike a bit.

The directions we took from SuisseMobile, told us to walk towards the funicular and climb the stairs on the left which was easy but took out breath away. At the end of the climb you’ll find the  “Pavillion” and you can see a panoramic view of the city.



Panoramic view

After about 30 minutes we got to the “Chemins des Vignes”. So what I recommend doing is, to skip this small trail and instead take the bus 11 that will take you to Rebenweg (Chemin des Vignes), which drops you just in front of the path!


Bus 11 takes you directly to the hiking trail from the train station


Start of the Chemin des Vignes


Because it was really hot and we were tired only did half way (the total is 15 km, which after you can take a train or boat to come back) and went down to the lake to refresh a bit.



We wished we had brought our swimming suits because the water was so nice! Also along the lake there are many green areas with picnic tables, toilets and easy access to the lake. We definitely have some of those spots in mind for the next time we go there!