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Les Vosges


Two day trip to the Vosges in France!

This was a good break during the week. We left Saint Louis (the French one in Alsace :)) early on a motorcycle direction Vosges. Since going by moto is requires more breaks, our first stop was Neuf-Brissach for a petit pain au chocolate and coffee.


This small city is a fortress drawn by Vauban and today it is listed as part of the world Heritage by UNESCO.

For lunch time we decided to stop by Kaysersberg which served as a strategic placement between Haut-Rhin and Lorraine during the emperor’s reign. We ate a typical tarte flambée with mushrooms and bacon at Auberge de la Cigogne.


Three hours after our depart from Saint Louis, we got to our destination; Basses  Huttes in Orbey. After checking into this charming bed and breakfast we set out for a hike inside the forest where women picked out wild blueberries.


To end the first day to get all the energy back we had a nice steak at Au Bois Le Sire.

The next day and last day, we went to check out the Lac Blanc and hiked the Cornelius pathway that lead us to the Lac Noir. It takes around 45 minutes one way and let’s just say it’s not just flat. There are a few passages with big rocks and up and downhills. A nice morning exercise!



On our way back, we stopped at our favorite town in Alsace: Eguisheim. This small town is seriously charming. It is hard not to fall in love with its colorful houses filled with flowers. If there is a town in Alsace that I would recommend not missing this would be it!



Although, it was hot we ended up eating the typical Alsatian meal; the choucroute! yes it is super heavy but we had a couple of hours ahead of us on a motorcycle which was literally a pain in our asses.

Good weather, good food and good company 🙂 what more can you ask?







…Laugenbruck, Switzerland

Quick sunday update! The last few weeks in Basel (Switzerland) have been quite rainy, so today as soon as we woke up we checked the weather to our happiness it said no rain!! Cloudy but no rain!. So we took advantage of it and did a half day trip to Laugenbruck in Basel-stadt (Switzerland).

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the amount of guest houses. Laugenbruck seems like a popular place for skiing 🙂 Luckily during summer they have this big metal slide called Solarbob! You pay 4,50 CHF for one ticket (the more you buy the less expensive it is), then you receive a quick instruction on how to use the slider, which is super simple. You push the stick down for speed and up (towards you) to stop; you can control how fast you want to go with it 🙂

Super recommend it! Kids can also go but if too young they need to accompanied. Also they have Accrobranch, we didn’t try it (yet) but seemed super fun!

Here’s the link for those you want to give it a try:



IMG_6517 IMG_6512